About ON Point

In today's 24-7 media environment, military, counterterrorism, and law enforcement professionals seek news and information they can trust. We want news, not spin. Even more, we want an online community where we can exchange ideas and discuss the news, leveraging our collective experience as we wage war against those who would threaten our liberty and freedom.

A unique, one-of-its-kind online resource, U.S. Cavalry ON Point blends in-depth analysis with daily news, blog updates, weekly feature articles, podcasts on the issues, and book/movie reviews on topics of interest. ON Point is similar to George Friedman's STRATFOR, except we look closer at the operational level, focusing on how the big picture affects the grunt on the ground.

To this end our editor, David J. Danelo, will often be seen reporting with American troops out "ON Point." In late fall 2006, ON Point will be in Iraq for a month, sending back news, information, and statistics that remain unreported by mainstream media. We intend to continue this pattern in 2007, wherever American troops are deployed.

U.S. military officers say that the first thing they read each morning is the "Early Bird", a Department of Defense compilation of media reports impacting the military. We'd like you to think of ON Point as a civilian version of this same publication. Every day, we pledge to bring you something new. Bookmark us and check back often.

Thanks for visiting. We'll see you out ON Point.

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