ON Point Advertising Opportunities

Use ON Point to reach your market!

Through our world-renowned company, exclusive partnerships, and unique news content, ON Point provides unprecedented access to over 33 million Americans affiliated with the military, law enforcement, homeland security, counterterrorism, private security contractors, and first responders.

ON Point receives thousands of visitors each day who come to the website for our unique, exclusive news. Our site caters to a large demographic of customers serving in all branches of the service, police, fire, National Guard, and private security, and much more.

Advertising with ON Point is a winning opportunity that allows you to reach people you know are interested in your product. Through our informed and educated readership and specialized demographics, we help you tap into the word-of-mouth reliability of the military and law enforcement community to spread the word of your quality products and services.

Our readers are your market, so take advantage of this opportunity to reach core customers for your product or service.

ON Point Homepage Ad Specifications:

Ad 1 - 200 x 60
Placed right below our search box and Site logo for maximum visibility.

Ad 2 - 200 x 60
Located below Daily Stratfor Podcasts, a prime area for regular users.

Ad 3 - 125 x 125
A great spot for product-related advertising.

Ad 4 - 120 x 600
A vertical skyscraper ad in the most looked at spot on the homepage.

Ad 5 - 120 x 300
A half-sized skyscraper ad that is still above the fold.

Ad 6 - 120 x 600
A large value ad with good positioning.

Ad 7 - 468 x 60
Standard horizontal banner strategically placed between high traffic articles and discussion boards.

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Ad Breakdown for ON Point Homepage

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