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So why should I subscribe?

  1. Discounts. We get asked all the time if we give them and the answer is YES! Our Product News subscribers get access to all sorts of discounts. When we do put out a discount sitewide, the subscribers still get the discounts first.
  2. Clearance Sales. Try as we might, not everything we present will sell. So periodically we (drastically) reduce prices on factory fresh items to clear our inventory and make room for more. Newsletter subscribers always have first dibs on these great deals!
  3. Exclusive Products. From time to time,
    U.S. Cavalry gets a hold of an item before any one else, like the TRU-SPEC Combat Shirt. This was a hot item at a great price. For the first three months on the market, it was only available at Join the Cavalry and you too will see great gear.
  4. New Gear Announcements. We can't help it. We are gear heads through and through. So when we find those new toys, we have to share them with you. Sign up for Product News and you will never be in the dark.
  5. Great Promotions. If you are already going to buy a pair of boots, why not buy from U.S. Cavalry and get a free pair of socks with them? If you are planning on a big spend, why not enjoy free shipping. These, and many other special offers are available every month as a U.S. Cavalry Product News subscriber.

If you happen to live or work near our retail stores, you can also sign up for target retail email news as well. After you sign up you will have an opportunity select other e-mails you may find of interest. Sign up and start discovering the perks other smart U.S. Cavalry shoppers are already enjoying!


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